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Our Story links Decision Makers and Users of IT solutions to select Original Equipment Manufacturers and Cloud Providers. Our mission is to streamline the process for VARs and Vendors to reach more end users when it is most important in the customers unique time frame. Easily schedule competing vendors to present their solutions to you in a few mouse clicks. Saving you time and streamlining the appointment setting process is our main concern.

content marketing, email marketing, and voice marketing to help clients drive more leads.

Mission Statement

Bringing IT professionals together with solution providers has been the mission of TechAppointments. A lot has changed in technology over that time. But one thing remains the same. Organizations turn to technology to solve their biggest challenges and uncover their largest opportunities. We are here to help make that happen.

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Technology is changing and improving everyday. It can be hard to keep up with the newest products from Violin, Juniper, Lenovo, ect. Lets jump on a call with one of our solution specialist to explain to you where the market is and how we can help.

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